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25March 2019

Richard discusses the options for the latest laundry appliance technology.
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A top-loader washer is the most commonly used, but can be inefficient. It doesn’t leave clothes very dry, which means more electricity costs when it comes to the dryer. It also can use up to 40 gallons of water to wash one large load of laundry.

A high-efficiency top loading model does not include a center agitator and has a high-efficiency motor. Per load, this model uses on average 17 gallons of water.

A high-efficiency front-loading model uses only 13 gallons of water per load. All of these models can be found at your local home center.

Richard worked with the homeowners to install the Twin Wash washing machine, a high-efficiency front loader washer with a smaller washing machine built into the pedestal. He also installed the matching dryer. All of these were manufactured by LG Appliances.

Testing New Table Saw Technology

Tom shows Kevin a new table saw that has a few important safety features.

Tom demonstrated the Reaxx table saw, which is manufactured by Bosch. It is designed to stop the blade if flesh is detected and also includes several other “smart” features including a cell phone lockout.

How to Diagnose and Repair Three-Way Switch Problems

Scott helps a homeowner diagnose a three-way switch problem and repair it.

All of the materials for this project, including replacement three-way switches and non-metallic wiring, are available at home centers and electrical supply shops.

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Ask This Old House | Laundry, Table Saw (S15 E8) | FULL EPISODE

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