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29March 2019

Safe Ways to Treat Sidewalk Ice
Landscape Designer Jenn Nawada shares an environmentally safe way to keep walkways safe during the winter.
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Jenn recommends using kitty litter to add traction to icy sidewalks and walkways, which will naturally break down, instead of salts which can damage the hardscape and surrounding plantings.

How to Choose Hand Saws
Tom gives a tutorial on hand saws, showing how and when to use them.

Where to find it?
For cutting through metal, Tom recommended either a hack saw, which can accept a 10” or 12” blade, or a mini-hack saw, designed for cutting in tight areas. When cutting into drywall Tom used a jab saw which has a sharp point on the end for breaking through the drywall.

When cutting something flush, Tom demonstrated two options. The first was a flush cut hand saw. Tom demonstrated a 10-inch Flush Cut Reversing Back Saw manufactured by DeWalt. The other option was a pull saw with a flexible blade that can sit flat on material. It can be used to cut trim when patching flooring. Tom showed the Double Edged Pull Saw manufactured by Irwin.

Tom then showed off aFor making straight or angled cuts, Tom showed a 14-inch Miter Back Saw and a Miter Box to make angled cuts. Both can be found at your local home center.

For basic straight cuts, Tom showed off a two traditional hand saws, a 15-inch Aggressive Tooth Saw manufactured by Stanley.

Tom then used a 20-inch Aggressive Tooth Saw manufactured by Husky, a Home Depot brand.

All of the saws demonstrated in this segment are available at home centers and hardware stores.

How to Diagnose Problems with a Hot Water Heating System
Richard helps a homeowner diagnose a problem with a hot water radiator.

Where to find it?
Richard identified that the 1950s era home he visited was piped with a diverter tee setup, where a single, combined supply and return line runs from the boiler.In part of Richard’s explanation on the radiator, he explained the diverter tee in the dual piping to each radiator. The diverter tee slowstems the flow of water at one end, increasing the back pressure and forcing the water through the first pipe and into the radiator. Diverter tees, also called

Richard showed a 3/4-inch copper monoflo tees. Those cancan be found at local home centers or plumbing supply stores.

After diagnosing a hand valve that was inadvertently turned off, Richard used the Flir One infrared camera attachment for a smart phone manufactured by Flir to confirm that heat was reaching all parts of the radiator.

Small Orange Cone
The guys have a small, orange cone, but “What is it?”

The product featured is called Foam Beak. It attaches to an off-the-shelf can of foam gap and crack sprayfoam insulation to give a wider and cleaner application.

How to Install Ultra-Thin Exterior Lighting
Scott helps a homeowner install thin, LED lights underneath the overhang of his garage.

Scott installed the 12W Slim LED Recessed Lights 4” WET, which are manufactured by Lotus LED lights on the garage and are designed for use in outdoor areas..

He usedTo connect the lights to each other and to the existing power supply, he used 14-2-gauge NM electrical wire, which is available at to complete the install.

Electrical wire can be found at your local home centers.

He also replaced a traditional wall switch with an astronomic timer switch to automatically control the lights based on daily sunset times. These switches are available at home centers and electrical supply shops.

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Ask This Old House | Heating, Hand Saw, LED (S15 E12) | FULL EPISODE

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