Insulation Technology | Understanding Your Old House

14April 2019

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Insulating an old house? It is not as easy as stuffing in some batts and closing the walls. Every old house needs special care!

In this video we will discuss the 4 major factors that will determine if your insulation job will be successful. we will also demonstrate the use of 4 different products and show you how to optimize your efficiency by combining all these technologies into 1 incredibly tight, warm and cozy space. Cheers!

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There are 4 major types of insulation being used in construction today. fiberglass batt, mineral wool, rigid board and spray foam.
each of these products have specific benefits and drawbacks. Fiberglass batt is efficient and low cost and easy to install and is a great DIY product. The down side is it cannot get wet or it stops being efficient and cannot dry. Mineral wool is a costly form of batt insulation which is not affected when wet will dry out and maintain its performance. It is also easy to work with with the right tools. rigid foam board is great as a first layer of protection in a basement but only in more modern homes. It is best used as an exterior thermal break if used a s a part of the whole home. It is costly per sq ft but effective as an exterior or interior thermal break as it does not require framing to keep it in place. Instead it can be attached to the skin of the house or basement concrete walls with adhesive. Spray foam is the most versatile and at time unbeatable in its performance. The largest drawback is the cost and the limited access to DIYer's. When done right it is an air seal and a thermal break and does not require framing but is usually used to fill cavities. The downside is when it is not installed properly it can be unbalanced and not sure properly which can render the home uninhabitable. Always make sure you have a contract with an installer that outlines the responsibilities of the company installing should such an occasion occur.

In the end every insulation requires a water barrier an air barrier and a rodent barrier to perform as intended. If you follow these 4 rules for installation then you will be very warm and cozy for many years to come.

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