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6June 2020


1 x 4 x 6 foot board (or similar) []
¼ inch x 2 foot x 4 foot plywood []
Wood glue []
1-inch nails []
Cat bed sized to fit inside basket []
Blanket or fabric for top level []

Cut List:
• 1 x 4 uprights – 5 @ 10 inches (or about 4 inches less than height of basket)
• ¼-inch plywood levels – 2 @ 22 inch diameter circle (cut to circle, sized to inside dimensions of basket)

Pencil []
Ruler []
Scissors []
Miter saw []
Jigsaw []
Sanding sponge []
Nail gun []
Drill/driver []
Paddle bit []
Hot glue gun []
Clamps []
Needle and thread (optional) []
Compass [] or anything round with a 6 inch diameter
Painter’s tape (to mark cutout) []

How do you make a simple cat bed for your feline friend? It’s easy—all you need is a woven basket, plywood, and some creativity and you’ve got the perfect place for kitty to rest and relax. Follow these steps:
Steps for building a cat bed:
1. Mark the basket size. Place the basket onto the plywood. Using a pencil, mark the outline of the basket on the plywood.
2. Cut the plywood. Using a jigsaw, cut just inside the marked outline to allow the panel to find inside the basket. Check for a snug fit inside the basket—trim as needed. Trace the cutout onto a new piece of plywood, and then cut a second circular piece to create two levels.
3. Mark the opening on the upper level. Using a round item (like the lid of a pot), mark the ends of a 10-inch opening about 2 inches from the edges of the circle. Using a ruler, draw a line between the circular ends to complete the outline of the opening.
4. Cut the opening. Using a drill/driver fitted with a paddle bit, create a hole inside the marked opening. Insert the blade of the jigsaw into the hole, and then cut the opening. Sand the edges of the plywood pieces smooth with a sanding sponge.
5. Cut and secure the uprights. Using a miter saw, cut the 1×4 boards to a height about four inches less than the height of the basket. Rest the top plywood cutout onto a paint can and blocks to allow the boards to stand upright beneath it. Apply glue to the top edge of the boards, and then position them along the edges of the plywood. Nail through the plywood and into the boards to secure them in place. Flip the assembly. Apply glue to the remaining end of each board. Position the lower plywood circle onto the boards. Secure the plywood to the boards with nails.
6. Cut an opening in the basket. Using painter’s tape, mark off an 8-inch square opening near the base of the basket. Cut the threads between the coils to separate the woven layers along the top and bottom of the opening. Cut a slit up the center of the opening. Fold the flaps inside the basket. Using hot glue and clamps, secure the flaps inside the basket. Add a stitch if needed. (Tip: flatten the crease with a clothes iron)
7. Insert the assembly into the basket. Lower the assembly into the basket. Position the assembly so that the opening in the basket is not obstructed by a board. Add a pet bed to the lower level and a blanket, carpet, or fabric to the upper level.

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How to Make a Cat Bed from a Basket | House One” ]

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