How to Plant a Tree /// Lowe’s

24March 2021


JC walks you through the proper steps to plant a tree in your space. Planting a tree is a fairly simple process, and your local Lowe's has native trees that will thrive in your climate.

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00:00 So you want to plant a tree
00:15 A few things to consider
00:50 Choosing your location
01:00 Digging the hole
01:20 Planting the tree
01:49 Backfilling the hole
02:10 Mulching around the base
02:20 The most important step

Tools & Materials:
Kobalt Wheelbarrow
Craftsman Shovel
Craftsman Rake
Craftsman Unisex Gloves
Zero-G Water Hose
Water Nozzle
Drip Irrigation System
Drip Irrigation Timer

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